15 Steps to Sponsored Blog Travel

Ever wonder how other bloggers use their blogs to score free travel? Wonder no more!

You’re engrossed in a gorgeous blog post about Fiji.

As you scroll, you’re trying not to salivate too much over the captivating pictures and words. You're wishing that you, too could enjoy a similar experience.

Then, when you reach the bottom, you read the following line:

Thank you, Visit Fiji, for hosting me on this sponsored trip. As always, opinions remain my own.

Instinctively, you start to wonder what this blogger is doing that you're not. How did they qualify for such a dreamy sponsored trip?

Perhaps you’ve been in this situation.

I know I have. In fact, as bloggers, it happens to most of us as we try to figure out the mysteries of earning sponsorships with our websites.

Typically, we have one of two reactions:

  • We do nothing with the hope that a similar opportunity will find us.
  • We send off an abrupt email to the next hotel we plan to stay at that looks something like, “Hi! I’m a blogger. Give me free stuff.”

Trust me when I say that these reactions rarely work to land you a sponsored trip. I’ve been there, done that, and didn’t even get a t-shirt.


This course will teach you how to use your blog to add value to a destination and EARN free travel in exchange.

“I had been writing my blog for a couple of years without ever having pitched for sponsorship. After seeing Bryan’s and other bloggers’ successes with securing sponsored trips, I wanted to try it out but had no idea where to start. Bryan was gracious enough to help get me started by providing an example of a pitch letter. I used it as a guide to help craft my own unique spin on a pitch letter. I’m very grateful for his help, and I have secured several sponsorships since!”

– Hana-Lee Sedgwick of Wander and Wine (Read about her sponsored honeymoon!)


You’ll learn the very same steps that I use to successfully earn free travel with my blog.

After firing off several haughty emails that asked for sponsored hotel stays and meals (in exchange for nothing), I took a step back and evaluated my process.

How was I a leading sales representative for my employer, yet I couldn’t sell my own blog? Where was the disconnect?

I quickly discovered that I was so lost in the online world, I was taking the human equation out of my communications.

I was only thinking about what I wanted and not what the other person wanted.

I was forgetting the very same principles that earned me so much money in sales that my company had to cap my commissions.

The first pitch I sent out using my new pitching technique landed me a four-night stay at a boutique resort in St Lucia. This was with an average monthly traffic to my site of only 5,000 unique visitors.

Learn how to…

  • Define the value proposition of your blog’s niche
  • Develop a marketing campaign for a travel brand based on your value proposition
  • Craft a sales pitch that will help you score sponsored travel
  • Follow up on that sales pitch with email templates and telephone scripts
  • Deliver results to the destination that will help you earn future sponsored trips

15 Steps to Sponsored Blog Travel was a fantastic investment for myself and my blog. I loved that the course was at my own pace, and I could complete each step as it made sense for my schedule. I enjoyed the Facebook group, getting to bounce our ideas off one another, and Bryan always chiming in with great advice. I also loved the optional pitch review from Bryan. His feedback allowed me to make it perfect. I’m getting ready to send out my first pitch since taking this course, and I’m so excited about it!

-Lynn Lovejoy, Order in the Kitchen

But Pitching is Scary!

I agree. Pitching can be very scary if we let it. The truth is, pitching doesn’t have to be scary at all.

Through worksheets, email templates, and call scripts, I break down the sales process into easy to digest – and accomplish – steps.

Basically, I will hold your hand the entire way until you’re ready to fly on your own.

“Bryan’s class has helped me gain the confidence and knowledge to know how to pitch companies. I had no idea what to say in the past and would end up not pitching at all because I felt my email was so weak. His course helped me fill in the key details and be ready to send out pitches!”

-Marissa Pedersen, Postcards to Seattle


Your Instructor

Bryan Richards
Bryan Richards

I’m a full-time freelance travel writer and blogger at The Wandering Gourmand. Due to my success in the space, I left a successful sales career in 2014 to pursue a career and lifestyle that allowed me freedom to travel the world.

After going on several sponsored trips with relatively low traffic, readers started asking me the secret to my success.

“Dude, my traffic is like quadruple yours, and I’ve never been on a sponsored trip. What are you doing right?”

-An actual email

This question and others like it led me to develop 15 Steps to Sponsored Blog Travel. In it, I've combined my experience in sales with my education in marketing and communications (BS in Communications from Ohio University and MBA in marketing from the University of Miami).

I helped several friends use their blogs to win free trips before launching a beta of 15 Steps to Sponsored Travel, where my students experienced similar success. I’m excited to see what this course will do for you and your blog’s brand!


In the past year alone, I've gone on 8 sponsored trips at a value of over $12,000.

I actually could have gone on more, but I took four months off when my son was born.

My sponsored trips took me to:

  • Soufriere, St Lucia
  • Loire Valley, France
  • Terres de l’Ebre, Spain
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Jacksonville Beach, Florida
  • Huntsville, Alabama
  • St Simons Island, Georgia
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Boone, North Carolina
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

My course, 15 Steps to Sponsored Travel, will teach you, too how to use your blog to secure similar trips.


It’s a pleasure to invite Bryan Richards to join my media trips – whether in a group for a few days or self-navigating on his own. His level of professional journalism is appreciated by my clients, especially when he writes his stories with a warm readable style. Bryan will always have an invitation in the mail from Leigh Cort Publicity.

Leight Cort, Leigh Cort Publicity


Follow my clear and concise step-by-step guide to craft a winning sales pitch:

  • Part 1: Define your Brand
  • Part 2: Craft your Pitch
  • Part 3: Send your Pitch
  • Part 4: Follow up on your Pitch
  • Part 5: Deliver Results on your Sponsored Trip

In addition to the lessons, you’ll also receive worksheets, outlines, templates, and scripts to help you:

  • Define your blog’s niche and value statement
  • Brainstorm your first campaign
  • Craft your media kit
  • Write your pitch
  • Follow up on your pitches by email and phone
  • Storyboard your trip’s blog posts and social media obligations

You'll also gain access to 15 Steps to Sponsored Travel’s secret Facebook group filled with other motivated bloggers


Who this course is for…

Who this course isn’t for…

Established bloggers of any audience size

Those who don’t want to see their blog grow

Bloggers in any space - fashion, food, travel, you name it

Those not willing to put in the work

Social media influencers

Those looking to get rich quick with their blog

Freelance writers

Those who are looking for a free vacation

What others have asked before saying “Hell, yes! I’m ready to go on a sponsored trip!”

What if I’m not a travel blogger? Will destinations want to work with me? Sure, they will! Destinations realize that not everyone who travels reads travel blogs. They read blogs that correspond with their hobbies. For example, if you’re a yoga blogger, you can pitch Visit Sedona for a wellness-themed retreat.

What if my stats are low? This course is still for you. I landed my first sponsored trip – four nights in St Lucia – with an average traffic of less than 5,000 unique visitors a month. Even if your traffic isn’t at 5,000 hits a month yet, then I’d still recommend this course with one caveat – you won’t start out pitching for free trips. Instead, you can use the strategies to start small by requesting museum tickets or amusement park passes. Eventually, you’ll work your way up to sponsored trips!

What if I’m brand new to blogging? This course is not for you. It will not teach you how to blog. However, please check out my resources page. It's filled with links to courses and books that will help you get started. Or, check out my FREE step-by-step guide on launching your blog – 5 Steps to Launch a Blog.

Will I have the time? Unlike many other online courses, I’m not going to mislead by saying you can achieve results with little work. Very rarely are those claims true. This course will involve work on your part. However, it is structured in a self-paced format and can be completed at your convenience.

Is it worth the cost? Absolutely! Just one sponsored trip will more than pay for this course. For example, my first sponsored trip had a value of $3,000. Is $3,000 worth of free travel worth a $200 investment? I think so. And as you earn additional trips, you’ll see an even greater return on your investment.

Is there a return policy? I offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied.


Where do you want to travel?

Make it happen by enrolling in 15 Steps to Sponsored Blog Travel!

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